Work Income Protection

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Ensure your income even without your working material.

Preserve your peace of mind even when unable to work.

In thinking about the dependence that many Brazilians have on their mobile phones and vehicles to work, 88i has created this protection in case your working material is involved in an incident.


Qualified robbery/theft of mobile phones

Refund of work per diem due to qualified robbery or theft of your working mobile phone.

Qualified robbery/theft of vehicle

Refund of work per diem due to qualified robbery or theft of your working vehicle.

Collision of vehicle

Refund of work per diem due to collision involving your working vehicle, preventing using it.


Refund of displacement in case the driver needs to return items lost/forgotten inside the vehicle (Ex.: bag, backpack, wallet, mobile phone).

Plans and Prices

Amount Insured Monthly price from
BRL 1.000,00 BRL 33,88
BRL 2.000,00 BRL 67,88
BRL 4.000,00 BRL 135,88

For other amounts, contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the forms of payment?
88i accepts payments by Credit Card and Bank Payment Slip.
What is NOT covered by the insurance?
Time away due to sick leave, hospital internment, pregnancy.
What do I do in case of an unforeseen situation?
Contact us in the way of your preference: on WhatsApp +55 (11) 97803-8881, by email: or through our chat.
Does this coverage have a deductible?
What is the coverage term for the insurance?
The term of this insurance is one year with monthly coverage. Payment is made by monthly installments on a credit card or in a single payment by bank payment slip.
Will my card’s limit be compromised?
No. The installments are charged monthly without committing your credit card’s limit.
Can I cancel my insurance?
Yes. The insurance can be cancelled at any time without incurring in a fine, in the absence of claims, and you are also entitled to a pro-rata refund of any payments made.
Is there a grace period?
Yes, there is a 15-day grace period following the acquisition of the product.
How many times can I apply the cover a year?
Once, the product has an annual coverage period.

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