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Complete Protection for your mobile phone or electronic device.

In addition to qualified robbery or theft, this protection offers coverage for broken glass or damage caused by liquids.


Characterized when the victim suffers physical or verbal threat or is subject to the use of brute force, such as, for instance, robbery with knife, pen knife or fire weapon.

Qualified theft

Occurs when the victim is not subject to any form of threat and realizes there has been a theft when faced with the evidence of the crime (broken in closets or drawers, tear in handbag).


Covers breakdown caused by falls or collision.


Covers damages caused by immersion or spills of liquids.


Covers damages caused by oxidation.

What is insured

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NOT covered by the insurance?
Simple theft, Forgetfulness, Indemnity for purchase of devices stolen and/or blocked by ANATEL.
Does this insurance have a deductible?
Yes. The deductible is 25% of the cover amount contracted.
Can I cancel my insurance?
Yes. The insurance can be cancelled at any time without incurring in a fine, in the absence of claims, and you are also entitled to a pro-rata refund of any payments made.
What do I do in case of an unforeseen situation?
Contact us in the way of your preference: on WhatsApp +55 (11) 97803-8881, by email: or through our chat.
What is the coverage term for the insurance?
The term of this insurance is one year with monthly coverage. Payment is made by monthly installments on a credit card or in a single payment by bank payment slip.
What are the forms of payment?
88i accepts payments by Credit Card and Bank Payment Slip.
Will my credit card’s limit be compromised?
No. The installments are charged monthly without committing your credit card’s limit.

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